Starting Again


I’m going to attempt to work with this HTML standard while posting. I’m hoping to gain momentum as standards when dealing with layout. I feel that it is important to keep this as a practice so that I can simply stay focused on it.

I would like to point out how I’ve fallen away from my last post. I understand the importance of keeping focus. I understand how practice is really the only way that anyone can become good at anything. So… with the drift away… I come back.

When I first started this blog post, I did so while utilizing various free sources online to learn from. They were very useful but I had a glaring issue in front of me that I hope that I have moved towards correcting: a work station that was just so hectic and easily taken-over by toddlers and every day events. So, I moved everything away and plan on dedicating time away to learn, to study, to practice and to journal a bit.

I found a way that I could have my work pay for my account. After watching my first video, it was suggested that I keep a blog to chart my progress. It could be utilized as an opportunity to give back to anyone in the future who desires to learn as well. I hope that it helps as a means of encouragement to those who feel like they are stranded, alone, or simply struggling as I know I will be throughout the journey.

I plan on keeping these fairly short and to the point so that I can focus on what is important: The Code.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express and to learn. Thank you for understanding that this will be fairly crude with the small hope that it will clean up and be something much better as time goes on.

God Bless,

02 20 17

Sticking: Day 2


It’s all too easy to step away. We can note the time between each portion of study time. We can pause and see just how “dedicated” I am to this project. Just how much work, effort, time, sweat, tears, and blood do I want to apply to this task so that one day,… one sweet, sweet day, I can step away from where I am to view what it is that God has directed me to?

Seems silly.

Or does it?

Truth is, this past week, I’ve been asking others to join me in prayer for Faith and Patience regarding my tasks. I’ve been given a blessing to move away from where I was and into new opportunities that provide that step towards where God wants me to stand. It is all within myself that I’ve been getting frustrated. I’ve been getting stir-crazy and restless as to what tasks I’ve asked to complete prior to what I personally desire for myself and my family. Right now, God has asked me to manage the digital printing department of my employer. I’ve been grumpily doing this and found myself becoming short with my family simply because I don’t fully enjoy the task anymore.

“How do we honor God in the things that we don’t enjoy?”

Each trial is a way to learn growth. Each challenge is an opportunity to prove how much you desire to move away from what you are truly tired of standing within. It will never be my own strength simply because it’s all too easy to forget what I need and all too easy to turn to what I want. God, knows what we need. He knows what I need.


Is web development truly the answer to what God wants me to do? Is learning various code really the “thing” that will help me walk through those gates?


What I believe is being asked of me is to honor Him. Honor what he has challenged me to do and if my heart is true with Him, he will be faithful to me. that is a promise He makes to those who love and follow Him. I bring this all up simply to share an short experience I had this past week.

One week ago, my boss noted a huge project this week. We were looking at 5 10 hour days. Not a huge deal. We need to “catch up” and “get ahead” to make for this new project. Monday turned into a conversation that asked for a Saturday work day. It’s not like I don’t need the overtime, but I can’t help but feel like I don’t have time to focus on this “study time”, my family time, or simply down time. It was difficult not to shake this from my mind.

Feeling semi-broken, I asked for guidance from friends. I asked God to help me understand and… well, come Friday, my boss told me “Great job!” and said that he didn’t need me for Saturday. I had knocked out everything that he was concerned about and he figured we were set for the coming week. I walked into church with my wife and the message was exactly about Faith and Patience. How it is up to us to provide that hope, ask for the big things and honor God with those challenges. It’s hard not to see what was being told to me.

Now, I understand that this post isn’t much about coding and more about faith. I understand that if anyone comes to my blog in search of instruction, this may be a stumbling block. However, I encourage any who have read this completely. These posts are more about continuing the process, picking up the struggle and finding the hope within the dream.

Finding my way is not done alone.

Part 3: WordPress Iron-Ons

Part 3: Winepress Iron-Ons


Dancing with the various tools of WordPress.  I’m currently trying to start this one layout with the hopes to splitting it up later.  Mind you, the overall goal will be to have 3 main pages to utilize.  One will be regarding coding (winetoblood), one to my design work that I will be trying to build via online (theflatonion), and lastly, my wife’s at home business with her artwork (name unknown at the moment).

So… step one:  Make it look how I want.



To begin, I’m not sinking in any money into wordpress just yet.  Mainly because there’s very little of it and because we’re looking to use what we have to push what my wife will be doing.  (I’m really looking forward to putting her stuff up and starting that all up).  This results in limited capabilities.  I am unable to utilize the CSS editor within the site which is a little bit of a disappointment.  However, I must look at it more as a challenge to overcome rather than a major roadblock.

So, as a step forward, I’m using the standard pics as starters.  I’ve plucked these images from These are free stock photos and, as a quick shout out, if you enjoy these quick images, you can donate to the artists.  I would highly suggest taking a look at them as there are some very talented artists on there.




Donald here is looking into the great big light, looking both pleased and completely unaware of what’s beyond.  I thought it would be a great start to my personal task.  I plan on changing these images to more personalized reflections at a later date; but these work for now.


I’ll be taking a break from here and working on the some tasks via






Part 2: Winepress

Part 2:

I’d like to start this session out with recognition to one particular site:  I found this through a podcast via my PodBean app and, although it’s fairly new, I’m extremely excited about this starting community.  I’d like to personally thank Laurence Bradford for her efforts and look forward to what’s to come.

One of the tough things about learning code, as a complete newbie, is stepping into a realm where you think you have a fairly good understanding and realizing that it’s completely unknown.

So, please allow me to set up a little bio about myself so that everyone understands where I’m am currently at.  I’m 32 years old.  I’ve been in the print and shipping industry for 11 years and I have a solid understanding of graphic design, retail and project management.  I’ve been married now for just over 4 years and have 2 little girls (a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old).  I stepped out of high school with the intention of delving into music in audio engineering and have some training messing up a board and studio.  I’ve played the guitar for about 17 years and written a few unpublished songs that I may or may not ever get back to cleaning up.  I’ve enjoyed video games since I was… able to hold a controller, and followed my favorite superheros since probably before then.

I bring all of this up to point out the various things that I have been and am currently involved in.  Obviously my family is a big part of my life right now and certain aspects have been placed on the back burner.  There has been one thing that’s always peaked my interested but, for whatever reason, always seemed like a “huge” thing for me to wrap my head around.

Computers and the budding technology that simply has evolved in the last 20 years.

I’ve grown up around it all.  I’ve witnessed phones metamorphisize from lime-green blocks with coiled cords and a spin-dial, portable bricks with metal pull-antenna, flip mobiles and into tiny daily assistances within our pockets.  I’ve watched cars turn into smart guides and television shift from Thursday night prime-time to the binge-watch, YouTube generation.  All of this has simply amazed me.

Through this process, I’ve understood the basics.  I’ve understood how to utilize these tools but never to the extent of being a “power user”.  In the past, I’ve allowed many different things to step in my path in gaining this further understanding of what I believe I really would enjoy.  I’ve long stared at a printer and wondered what else I could be doing.  What is it that I truly care for?  What would excite me?  Creating something new, something useful, something pleasing to the eye has always been enjoyable to me.

From sketching out my own little comics when I was a kid, plucking away a few songs, laying out various tracks within a 3 minute recording, designing a logo for a client or building up a portfolio for some student; I’ve found comfort in making “something”.

Now, I know that I’m coming late into the game.  Web design is something that “boomed” greatly the moment that the internet found its way into our households.  I have so many ideas that I would like to dip into that requires a further understanding of code.  Also, doing research regarding this industry, it seems to only be growing.  This skillset is something to be desired and the more that our society, our world, dips into these tools, the more that we are going to need coders.  The more we are going to need innovators.

I would like to be a part of this group.

I’m making this little blog simply to point out that not all coders are people who kids who’ve holed themselves up in their parents basement or been plucking away at every computer since they were in diapers.  Not everyone was exposed in the same way.  I wasn’t.  Honestly, my mother is a borderline luddite.  A computer wasn’t introduced into my house until I was in high school and even then it was something that was shoved away in the back room that had Windows 95 on it and no other main function other than a electric screen that we can type on when it was absolutely needed.

I hope to mark my adventure with points that help encourage people, lead people and, yes, even teach others including me as to where  we can be going to help further ourselves in this world of syntax, command and executions.

Thank you for your time.

Please refer to some of these quick-links for us newbie coders:


All these links were pulled from  I plan on posting as much information as possible as my progress extends.

image provided by:




Intro: Winepress

Hello!  My name is Eric and this is my first serious blog.

I’m going to start logging the process in which I build a website.  I’ve begun by starting up a wordpress account to practice within; but, of course, that is already known as it is being seen through it.


The main reason as to my choosing wordpress was simply because I’ve been asked to work within it to help develop another site (update later with url).  I will be posting my progress not only to map out how I go about it but to also look back and take note to what I could have done differently, better, easier and so on.  I hope to utilize this as a means to hold myself accountable on certain tasks that will I will be working through.  So, here are some things that I have tasked myself with:

  1. Web Development.
    1. I’ll be mapping some of my development processes through WordPress and any other web design tasks given to me.
  2. Learn a programming language.
    1. Working primarily through and other online tools that may be available.
  3. Start a gaming blog/show.
    1. This is going to be mostly a fun side project of mine that I will take on from time to time.  i.e. it will take the back-burner more often than not.
  4. Setup a storefront for my wife’s at-home business.
    1. I hope to map out her challenges from the start to watch her progress and see her grow.
    2. I really look forward to getting to work on this.
  5. Setting up my own store front for a side design project via digital print.
    1. This will be another back-burner project that will give me an opportunity to expand my wings for task 1 and 2, but I plan to map this just the same.

We cannot have successful goals without a desired plan.

So, step 1.  Start a wordpress.




Let the fun begin.