I wanted to start documenting my personal bible study and figured I would start with the Book of Galatians.  It’s a great book to find answers to various answers such as the difference between religion and relationship.  This first post will be my quick notes prior to each chapter.  I’ve been hanging onto this within my GoogleDoc for a little while now and figured I should just post it and have it out there.

Some research notes and facts: The Apostle Paul wrote this book to the Galatians around 57 AD.  It was a province of Rome and was the center of the Celtics Tribes.  

According to biblehub.com, the Celtics People we descendants of the Gauls.  They had sacked Rome in 390 B.C. and invade northern Greece and Asia Minor.

It is believed that this letter to the Galatians is one of the earliest or could even be the earliest letter written to the church.  What we should notice is how the first century church responded to some of the practices of accepting Christ.  How do we shed our “old skins” and truly become new in Christ?  What does this mean?  What does this entail exactly in how we are to grow?

It is considered that Paul wrote this “at his angriest” toward the church due to various practices being implemented that were straying from the Truth.  His passion for this issue results in his personally penning the last chapter “in large letters”. This is proof of his writing.  Paul notes an affliction, or a thorn in his side (2 Corinthians 12:7 NIV), that follows him constantly but neither he nor Luke follow up on what the exact details were of this affliction.  Many speculate that when he was blinded and given his sight back, it wasn’t given back 100%.  Some think he fought off malaria which, afterwards, can cause various issues throughout the rest of your life, migraines, epilepsy or possibly a speech disability.  Regardless of this affliction, there was one truth that Paul kept firm on:  The pure love that Christ had for us.


Additional reading and resources utilized:

  • Acts. 13:14; 14:6; 16:6




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