As I watch the waters flow
In a creek through the
I question not if it goes

As I want nor wander
I question not either
The loving hand of God
As He is the water that
Pours over my soul

Thirsty not I shall ever be again
Of a simple sip I am blessed
Its His grace that cleansed our lands
By blood and thorny coiled band

With each sip from the earth
I drink
Never will I be satisfied
It is the Well of Truth that o’er spills
That washes and leads us to
Kingdom Come

As he calls, “I Am”
The words ring louder yet
I have heard and keep listening for
“Welcome home, my son, yet again”
And in that light I shall grin
Yes, home, as my spirit
sheds its skin
Only then will I know
The answers that have
clouded ages of men

It is with these waters I can rise again
Drinking of the Spring
Eternal life!

Of he that calls, “I Am. “
I follow, because I can’t do this alone
And by his word, his truth,
His grace
I know it in my bones
That no matter how dark it gets
There is one light that always shows

Again, by that well he names us
Knowing us in and out
He stated if we only knew
We’d be asking him instead
So now I stand, listening,
May I sip but once, my Lord,
So I may never thirst again?


~ originally written: April 6th, 2015 ~ Copyright 2015


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