Sticking: Day 2


It’s all too easy to step away. We can note the time between each portion of study time. We can pause and see just how “dedicated” I am to this project. Just how much work, effort, time, sweat, tears, and blood do I want to apply to this task so that one day,… one sweet, sweet day, I can step away from where I am to view what it is that God has directed me to?

Seems silly.

Or does it?

Truth is, this past week, I’ve been asking others to join me in prayer for Faith and Patience regarding my tasks. I’ve been given a blessing to move away from where I was and into new opportunities that provide that step towards where God wants me to stand. It is all within myself that I’ve been getting frustrated. I’ve been getting stir-crazy and restless as to what tasks I’ve asked to complete prior to what I personally desire for myself and my family. Right now, God has asked me to manage the digital printing department of my employer. I’ve been grumpily doing this and found myself becoming short with my family simply because I don’t fully enjoy the task anymore.

“How do we honor God in the things that we don’t enjoy?”

Each trial is a way to learn growth. Each challenge is an opportunity to prove how much you desire to move away from what you are truly tired of standing within. It will never be my own strength simply because it’s all too easy to forget what I need and all too easy to turn to what I want. God, knows what we need. He knows what I need.


Is web development truly the answer to what God wants me to do? Is learning various code really the “thing” that will help me walk through those gates?


What I believe is being asked of me is to honor Him. Honor what he has challenged me to do and if my heart is true with Him, he will be faithful to me. that is a promise He makes to those who love and follow Him. I bring this all up simply to share an short experience I had this past week.

One week ago, my boss noted a huge project this week. We were looking at 5 10 hour days. Not a huge deal. We need to “catch up” and “get ahead” to make for this new project. Monday turned into a conversation that asked for a Saturday work day. It’s not like I don’t need the overtime, but I can’t help but feel like I don’t have time to focus on this “study time”, my family time, or simply down time. It was difficult not to shake this from my mind.

Feeling semi-broken, I asked for guidance from friends. I asked God to help me understand and… well, come Friday, my boss told me “Great job!” and said that he didn’t need me for Saturday. I had knocked out everything that he was concerned about and he figured we were set for the coming week. I walked into church with my wife and the message was exactly about Faith and Patience. How it is up to us to provide that hope, ask for the big things and honor God with those challenges. It’s hard not to see what was being told to me.

Now, I understand that this post isn’t much about coding and more about faith. I understand that if anyone comes to my blog in search of instruction, this may be a stumbling block. However, I encourage any who have read this completely. These posts are more about continuing the process, picking up the struggle and finding the hope within the dream.

Finding my way is not done alone.


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