I’m going to attempt to work with this HTML standard while posting. I’m hoping to gain momentum as standards when dealing with layout. I feel that it is important to keep this as a practice so that I can simply stay focused on it.

I would like to point out how I’ve fallen away from my last post. I understand the importance of keeping focus. I understand how practice is really the only way that anyone can become good at anything. So… with the drift away… I come back.

When I first started this blog post, I did so while utilizing various free sources online to learn from. They were very useful but I had a glaring issue in front of me that I hope that I have moved towards correcting: a work station that was just so hectic and easily taken-over by toddlers and every day events. So, I moved everything away and plan on dedicating time away to learn, to study, to practice and to journal a bit.

I found a way that I could have my work pay for my account. After watching my first video, it was suggested that I keep a blog to chart my progress. It could be utilized as an opportunity to give back to anyone in the future who desires to learn as well. I hope that it helps as a means of encouragement to those who feel like they are stranded, alone, or simply struggling as I know I will be throughout the journey.

I plan on keeping these fairly short and to the point so that I can focus on what is important: The Code.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express and to learn. Thank you for understanding that this will be fairly crude with the small hope that it will clean up and be something much better as time goes on.

God Bless,

02 20 17


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