Part 3: WordPress Iron-Ons

Part 3: Winepress Iron-Ons


Dancing with the various tools of WordPress.  I’m currently trying to start this one layout with the hopes to splitting it up later.  Mind you, the overall goal will be to have 3 main pages to utilize.  One will be regarding coding (winetoblood), one to my design work that I will be trying to build via online (theflatonion), and lastly, my wife’s at home business with her artwork (name unknown at the moment).

So… step one:  Make it look how I want.



To begin, I’m not sinking in any money into wordpress just yet.  Mainly because there’s very little of it and because we’re looking to use what we have to push what my wife will be doing.  (I’m really looking forward to putting her stuff up and starting that all up).  This results in limited capabilities.  I am unable to utilize the CSS editor within the site which is a little bit of a disappointment.  However, I must look at it more as a challenge to overcome rather than a major roadblock.

So, as a step forward, I’m using the standard pics as starters.  I’ve plucked these images from These are free stock photos and, as a quick shout out, if you enjoy these quick images, you can donate to the artists.  I would highly suggest taking a look at them as there are some very talented artists on there.




Donald here is looking into the great big light, looking both pleased and completely unaware of what’s beyond.  I thought it would be a great start to my personal task.  I plan on changing these images to more personalized reflections at a later date; but these work for now.


I’ll be taking a break from here and working on the some tasks via







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