Hello!  My name is Eric and this is my first serious blog.

I’m going to start logging the process in which I build a website.  I’ve begun by starting up a wordpress account to practice within; but, of course, that is already known as it is being seen through it.


The main reason as to my choosing wordpress was simply because I’ve been asked to work within it to help develop another site (update later with url).  I will be posting my progress not only to map out how I go about it but to also look back and take note to what I could have done differently, better, easier and so on.  I hope to utilize this as a means to hold myself accountable on certain tasks that will I will be working through.  So, here are some things that I have tasked myself with:

  1. Web Development.
    1. I’ll be mapping some of my development processes through WordPress and any other web design tasks given to me.
  2. Learn a programming language.
    1. Working primarily through https://learntocodewith.me and other online tools that may be available.
  3. Start a gaming blog/show.
    1. This is going to be mostly a fun side project of mine that I will take on from time to time.  i.e. it will take the back-burner more often than not.
  4. Setup a storefront for my wife’s at-home business.
    1. I hope to map out her challenges from the start to watch her progress and see her grow.
    2. I really look forward to getting to work on this.
  5. Setting up my own store front for a side design project via digital print.
    1. This will be another back-burner project that will give me an opportunity to expand my wings for task 1 and 2, but I plan to map this just the same.

We cannot have successful goals without a desired plan.

So, step 1.  Start a wordpress.




Let the fun begin.


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